Pediatric Laser Dentistry in Worcester

Laser dentistry is an innovative way to safely treat dental conditions in less time. For decades, the only way to treat dental decay or soft tissue conditions of the oral cavity was with a dental drill or a scalpel. Thank goodness for technology and innovation. Now, with laser instruments, we can treat these conditions quickly, accurately, and in many cases, painlessly.

How Does Laser Dentistry Work?

A laser is an energy delivery system that produces energy in the form of light. There are two different types of lasers: Cold lasers (or low-level light therapy) and hot (or ablative) lasers. Cold lasers stimulate cell growth, recovery, and healing, thereby providing immense pain relief to people with chronic pain, like headaches, migraines, and back pain. A cold laser is commonly used by chiropractors or physical therapists.

Ablative or surgical lasers are what's used in dental laser treatment by a pediatric dentist in Worcester, MA. Light energy can cut through soft tissues as well as hard tissues like tooth enamel. They can be used in place of dental handpieces during various dental procedures.

Because of the accuracy of laser dentistry, your child's dentist is able to preserve more of their healthy tooth structure when removing decay and preparing a tooth for a filling. The following are some other reasons why we're fans of laser dentistry.

  • - It can cause less pain and discomfort for patients
  • - Some patients don't even need anesthesia when a laser is used
  • - Because of how the laser cuts, it minimizes the swelling and bleeding a patient experiences after soft tissue laser treatments
  • - When we use the laser to remove tissue, there's rarely a need for sutures, which means faster, more comfortable healing for the patient
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What Dental Conditions Can Be Treated with a Dental Laser?

We can treat a variety of conditions with a dental laser. As was mentioned, we can remove decay and prepare a tooth for a composite filling. We can also use a laser to treat soft tissue conditions.

Frenectomy: If a child is tongue-tied, we can perform a surgery called a frenectomy which reduces the attachment of the tongue to the floor of the mouth by removing part of the frenulum, the small band of tissue that connects the two.

Canker sores: Painful canker sores are a thing of the past! Lasers can help by promoting faster cell turnover and healing rate.

Fillings: One of the main procedures our pediatric dentist in Worcester, MA performs are fillings. We use a special laser that utilizes minimally invasive technology. This system helps us with precise and gentle hard tissue (enamel and dentin) removal without the sensation of the dental handpiece. The sound of the handpiece along with the spray of water are things that contribute to anxiety for some patients. With laser dentistry, we keep our patients comfortable and anxiety-free.

Choose a Pediatric Dentist in Worcester, MA That's on the Cutting Edge

As a parent, you have many choices when it comes to family and pediatric dentists in Worcester. How do you know which dentist is best for your child?

Choose the dentist who is committed to learning about the latest technologies and products on the market. At Children's Dental Specialties, we are committed to providing the very best care for your child.

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Laser Dentistry Helps Us Work Faster, Which Is Better for Your Busy Schedule!

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